Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh My Its Been A While!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are still checking in. I decided to take a bit of a break so that I could just get through all the stress of the last couple months. Thankfully I feel soooooooo much better.

I did get laid off from work, but I think it was a blessing in disguise. I have been able to spend more time with the girls and finish so many projects around the house! It really isn't bad having the summer off. I could get used to this!

Things are also going great with my boyfriend. He definitely gave me the space I needed right after the divorce. I think he realized I was grieving the loss of my family as I once knew it. However, right now I am getting more used to and excited about the new families we are making. His daughter also came to stay with us for three and a half weeks. That was great. It was so nice to see him so happy. Due to circumstance with his ex he hadn't seen her in so long. She canceled visits while we were en route and everything, so it really was exciting when we did finally get to have her with us. I know he wished she could stay longer, but we will see her again soon. My girls also really loved having a "big girl" around since his daughter is 11 and mine are 3 and 4. She actually has quite a few developmental delays and some other issues, so my girls were really good companions for her. She also did so well while she was here. No signs of her typical illness or insomnia that her mother constantly tells us about. Maybe we were lucky - or maybe she was just really happy to see her dad!

Also, things are much better with the ex. We can talk easily about things concerning the girls and have gotten into a nice pattern with all of that. I realized that I missed us as a family unit, but that I did not miss my relationship with him. That was definitely broken and I don't know if any amount of counseling could have fixed that.

Lastly, it is almost a year since my dad's suicide. I think many people think I am dreading the anniversary of his death, however, right now I see it as a date that will free myself from the last horrible year. It will officially be over. Maybe it will be able to bring me some peace and focus on all of the things that are finally starting to go right! Because I really have so many great things possible on the horizon. So que the set - life "take two" has officially begun!

And I promise - I will be back much more often!

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