Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Bird in My House

So if you have been following along lately you know that my boyfriend and I went on a little get-away this past weekend. It was much needed, but at the end, I just wanted to get back home and relax.

So when we got home, Jack went into the bedroom and I heard him yell. I was thinking to myself - "what's going on? - did we get robbed or something?" Nope, there was a bird in our room. Yes a bird - an actual flying around sparrow. Now, we were gone for 4 nights and left no window's open. How the heck did it get in there? The attic? - perhaps. Its pretty much the only thing we can think of. But its still a bit of a mystery.

And if you are superstitious like me, a bird in the house is NOT a good thing. A lot of superstition around this topic says that a family member will die. Yikes. This is not what I need. So I went and surfed the web hoping for some "alternate" superstition. And I found one! This one said that the souls of the dead travel in the bodies of birds (sparrows to be specific) to visit loved ones and then leave peacefully. We did have to "help" the bird out, but it was pretty easy. So I would like to think it was my dad stopping by to see my new place and maybe meet Jack. In fact, its what I need to believe, because I just can't handle the alternative. I have always said I wanted a tattoo of a bird on my shoulder with a star in the distance, because in Egyptian (I think) mythology birds carry the souls of the newly dead to the stars (their place in the heavens).

So yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Its nice to think that maybe dad is still checking in on me.

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