Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Plus" Size Model Kudos

So this blog addresses all kinds of things, especially things that bring us down and how to come back up. I saw this article on facebook and just had to post it. Its about a "plus" size model (who in actuality is a "regular" size 12-14) who posed without being airbrushed or anything for Glamour Magazine. The magazine has gotten some kudos for the article, but I think the media in general should be more aware that people come in all sizes and that some men actually like some meat on a woman's bones. Shocking I know!

I hope you enjoyed the article! Self-image is something that so many women struggle with regardless of their size. They have the magical ability of always finding fault with how they look. I'm sure it adds to the depression that many people feel. Or perhaps the self-image problems are a result of being depressed. And I too fall into the uber self-conscious category when it comes to my body. I have gained 20lbs since my dad died and now its a struggle to lose.

So why don't we all try to find the good in our bodies, and men - make sure you tell all the women in your life just how beautiful they are inside and out!

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