Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The April Fool

Well I have decided that today will be my "New Year's Day". I suppose that makes me an April Fool, but I think it will have positive consequences. With all the stress in my life around getting divorced, losing my dad, finding a new place to live etc., I have not focused on my own health. I've gained 10lbs back and its time to lose it. So starting today I will watch my diet, try to get in more exercise (now that the weather is getting nicer), and take my vitamins!

All of these things should also help my depression. I know when I was actively exercising my depression was definitely more in check. I have been in a funk lately and I need to shake it. I can't let myself slip into another bout of depression right now. I have to many things to do and too many things to be thankful for. I also have to have the strength to get through these tough times ahead with fixing the house and getting the girls adjusted.

I will also use this time to get more done at work. I have caught up a lot, but we have a few big projects that I can take on now and I think a sense of accomplishment at work will help me. Maybe I will do some spring cleaning in my office today to really get things on track.

So happy April Fool's Day - may it be a good start for all!

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teague said...

hey, i'm going to follow you. i've read a few of your posts, and i think i'd like to continue. you should follow my blog, too. it's all about the struggle! (AND i've aquired an extra 10lbs from my filthy chip habit that i'm trying to lose!)
(look for my post: 'hey! i lost five pounds!')

i am also 'blogging anonymously so i can be free with it.
have a good one, hope to hear from you soon.

have to go back and rate your post in the coffee shop now...