Friday, April 3, 2009

Something Fun!

I can't talk about depression and suicide and divorce all the time! What a downer! I am actually in a pretty good place emotionally right now. Pretty stable - so I figured I'd do something fun to make me seem a little less anonymous and a bit more human. So here are some interesting things to know about me:

1. I'm 35, will be officially divorced on Monday and have two little girls aged 4 and almost 3.

2. I am not at all graceful but can be quite charming :)

3. I'm a goth girl grown up. I still have a bit of a quirky sense of style, but can totally dress it up or sport a business suit if I have to.

4. I have a nose ring and giant tattoo on my back and a small one on my shoulder.

5. I just bought a house that I am gutting. This is added stress but the fun kind. If I could do it over I'd be an interior designer - so this is like having my own design show.

6. My boyfriend is a hottie artist geek.
7. My most prized possession is a little teapot that was my grandmother's. It was the first thing I took when I decided to move out.
8. Alice in Wonderland is my youngest daughter's favorite movie - hence the theme. She is an old soul that just melts everyone she meets. There is just something so special about her. Maybe I will refer to her as Alice for purposes of this blog.
9. I love wine. I have a wine fridge and I use it. Yummy yummy wine.
10. I never in a million years thought I would blog. But here I am. Though I suppose I never thought I'd do a lot of things...Life is funny that way!
11. I believe in ghosts.
12. I love to travel, love photography and am the biggest U2 fan on the planet. I've combined all those loves by seeing them a lot of times in 5 different countries and taking some great pictures.

13. My brother and I are in "competition" to get to all the continents first. We have both been to North America (obviously), Europe, Asia and Australia.

I guess that's a good start!

I hope you all keep stopping by!
And my quote for today...

"The only difference between tattooed people and untattooed people is that tattooed people are way more cool and can kick your ass." Jack Rudy


Jeff D'Antonio said...

Nice to meet you, and thanks for your comment on my blog.

I do some volunteer work on the side with troubled and suicidal teens, so I know a little about depression and suicide. And I was there once too, a long time ago, so your blog hits close to home for me.

Sorry about your dad.

My blog

mumof7kids said...

G'Day-Nice to meet you!
Great blog- My dad killed himself too,I havnt written about it-yet,I'm only new to this blogging thing.
See ya round!

Lisa said...

You were in Australia and you didnt drop in ?? sob.......

I know about depression- groan- but i also know its not a life sentance and i know i love your tattoo !!!
great post by the way- interesting.......we could be besties already xx